Patterns – A Responsive WordPress Theme for Online Magazines

This is one responsive WordPress theme well worth the wait. You’ve heard us mention it within our community forums and now it’s ready for your next newspaper or magazine site.

This is no ordinary theme!

As always, we listened closely to our community and analyzed the most requested features. Even with our 5 years of newspaper design and development experience, it took our developer 2 months to perfect all (and there’s definitely a long list) the features of this theme. We’ll go into details further below, but rest assured you won’t find another theme that compares to the all new Patterns theme for WordPress.

Responsive WordPress Theme

Here’s the rundown of some noteworthy features inside the Patterns theme:

Responsive WordPress Theme

We know the importance of responsive design and for that reason we designed Patterns to work with larger screens as well as tablets and smart phones. Try it out yourself! Take a look at the demo of Patterns theme and resize your browser to test its responsiveness at different sizes.

Built on Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is one of the most popular frameworks for designing responsive websites built by the nice folks over at Twitter. It’s now widely used, and we’ve adopted it for our own purposes. Due to its solid code library, ease of use, and wide acceptance, our themes will be built on this framework going forward.

News Ticker

Satisfying multiple requests from early users, a news ticker located at the upper left side of screen can display the latest posts – or – posts of a specific category or tag. It’s the perfect section for breaking news or sticky topics.

Featured Collage Area

Patterns is our first theme that comes without a slider on the front page. However, we designed something better for you – a neat featured collage are that displays posts based on a user-defined category or tag.

Smart Navigation

Want more than just basic drop-down navigation menus from a premium theme?

You can take advantage of Smart Navigation designed not only to provide easy navigation across your site, but also to encourage visitors to stay on your site longer. The Smart Navigation is a two-column panel divided into sub-navigation items and the most recent entries within that category.

Category Layouts

Blog layouts are boring! We work with some large and interesting clients in the online news world and they all have unique layouts for categories, and now you can too. We introduced the concept of custom inner page layouts with City Desk and carried that feature into every theme thereafter.

Patterns received some special attention with several category layouts to choose from so you don’t have to display all your categories / tags / author archives in the classic blog format. Take advantage of these unique magazine style layouts to give each category page some new life.

Post Templates

If a sleek front-page isn’t enough, and multiple category layouts haven’t got you convinced, then how about the ability to choose from four different post layouts?

Tell us what you think of this theme release in the comments below, or ask us a question.

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