BlogNews Makeover Sale – Fresh Code, Classic Appeal

Out with the old, in with the new. BlogNews, one of our classic themes, has been taken to the mechanic for a bit more than an oil change. With this latest release (version 3.0), we focused on a cleaner aesthetic by bringing in some new fonts, removing some of the clutter from the homepage, and tweaking colors and whitespacing. The final product is a beautiful modernized theme that’s easy on the eyes and helps the reader focus on the content.


Global Changes

We’ve given Blognews a ton of tweaks to display your content optimally. We’ve taken the border out of the header so it flows seamlessly with the background, giving focus to the main page. We’ve updated to the classic Open Sans font type to give a clean aesthetic to reading. We’ve tweaked the colors of links, backgrounds, and borders to reflect a consistent page style. On top of that, we increased the total amount of whitespace around sections, paragraphs, and headings so words and images won’t seem as cluttered.

  • Open Style Header
  • New Fonts
  • Color Consistency
  • Borderless Main Menu
  • Whitespace Adjustments
  • Tall Footer

Single Post Changes

Inner pages got a makeover as well. With larger post titles, added post meta data, and a new comment design, your posts will shine better than ever. We even updated the bulky innerpage slider design so you’ll be able to display your high-resolution images without distracting from their quality.


  • Large Post Title
  • New Post Meta
  • Removed Post Background
  • New Comment Design
  • Updated Innerpage Slider

Homepage Changes

The homepage was also the target of some much needed cleaning. We’ve opted to remove the Primary-Mid category to give some breathing room to the featured slider and surrounding category sections. The slider itself got an upgrade as well, featuring navigation dots instead of numbers. The media slider was replaced entirely with the more popular category tabs, which you’ll be able to place more content into.

  • Removed Primary-Mid Category
  • Larger and Revamped Featured Slider
  • Larger Below-Slider Categories
  • Media Slider Replaced with Category Tabs
  • Most Category Post Metas Removed

What do you like about the new Blognews?

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